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2020.11.20 03:34

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PHP Open Source CMS : Rhymix

Rhymix is PHP-based open source 1CMS.
As of 2020, Rhymix is still under active development.

Do you want to know more?

1CMS : Contents Management System. In other words, rhymix is web contents management system, and it's website building / management software.



< Github - Source Code Repository >
You can be directly involved in the project (Development or Testing) with GitHub as rhymix is open source project.


< Community : XEDITION >
Q&A (Questions and Answers) related to rhymix is active as it's XEDITION & Rhymix user community.
(korean) http://phteahang.com
↑ This online community is powered by rhymix.


< To. XEDITION Development Team >
We are receiving report about security vulnerabilities of rhymix.
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